Actirasty-Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear another thing you didn’t know about. Weather related sex fetishes. Now I’ve heard of ones getting aroused by thunderstorms, but some get aroused by the sun. Hot, searing sun on them as they fuck outside. Better bring the sunscreen if this is your kink, and I guess there won’t be anymore “where the sun don’t shine” for you, since ones that have actirasty get turned on by being in the sun.

Not being a sun lover myself, I find this one hard to grasp. I’d rather the thunderstorm on the dark and stormy night given the choice. I guess of all the fetishes out there, this one isn’t weird or disgusting, just a bit odd and open for the potential for sunburns in not very good places to get them. Many with this “condition” spend a lot of time thinking about the sun’s rays. I’m not sure how that could be sexually gratifying, but they have a thing for the sun. Public indecency could be a problem unless they are in their own private and fenced backyards seeking the rays that so turn them on.

The sun can affect our hormones and make the sex drive higher, the serotonin levels. In ones affected by this sun fetish, it may be even more so. Some people are more affected by light levels than others, case in point being ones in the winter who get seasonal affective disorder, S.A.D.. it literally depresses them to be exposed to reduced levels of light and the light therapy boxes can improve their moods. They would be the ones most likely to feel better and likely hornier and in a better mood when it’s sunnier.

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