Sucking Off Step Dad


Last night a caller told me all about his decades long sexual relationship with his step father that began in his teens. The man has long since divorced his mother, and he still sees this man he’s been sucking off for over twenty five years a few times a month. It was late when he called and he said he was expecting him to arrive any time, but the step father had a long drive, a couple of hours a few times a month he makes the drive apparently to go see his former step son to get oral sex performed on him.

Neither has a lady in their lives or the time or inclination for one, but when I asked if he might down the road, he said he’d still see the former step father on the side regardless. He was hard just waiting in anticipation for the old boy to arrive with a hard dick for him to suck on, he really seemed to like serving the former step father. He said he’d fooled around with other guys when he was in high school, but the only one as an adult was this one man that he’d sucked off so many hundreds of times in his life that his mom had no clue was still apart of his life.

We talked for a good long while as he waited for him to arrive, and he told me all about how much he loved to suck on his cock, yet he never got his cocked sucked in return, he just was the one to do the giving and he jerked his cock off at the same time, he enjoyed doing that as well. One hears all sorts of confessions on a line like this, believe me.

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