Pregnant Woman Fetish


Several callers over the years have made no bones about the fact they find pregnant women very desirable sexually. For the woman, a great deal can depend on how she feels, some are as a sick as a dog during their pregnancy and the last thing they want is sexual attention, others, due to the surge in hormones, can indeed feel a lot more horny than usual, it will depend on the individual woman. Some men have said their wives were very horny during their pregnancies and they very much looked forward to a lot of sex, and now that they do not have a pregnant woman around anymore, they can’t stop fantasizing about what it was like.

A recent caller was even so attracted to pregnant women, he’d started to look for one to have as a fuck buddy, but it was not an easy hunt, since most pregnant women are involved with the father of their soon to be arrived bundle of joy. He said he’d found one woman who lived nearby and she was pregnant, but her husband was a truck driver and not home that much and she got lonely and he wanted to ingratiate himself into her life and started to do odd jobs for her that she couldn’t do herself and so he was around her house a lot more and he did make a pass at her and caught her in a vulnerable moment and things did go from there.

He said the two of them fucking was the hottest thing he’d done in years. The extra vaginal lubrication really turned him on a lot and he said he made her cum several times, both from oral and from fucking, she rode his cock as it was the most comfortable position for her as big as her belly was. They knew her husband was gone for several days more, so no worries of getting caught, just as much fucking as they wanted, and he looks forward to every time her husband is gone and getting more of that pregnant pussy.

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