Russian Roulette Sex Parties


I heard of a new thing this week. I’d heard of “bug chasers” before, ones that specifically go after HIV+ people to have sex with, since the risk increases their pleasure. The risk of dying is intoxicating to some people. Some people skydive, others bungee jump, some have sex with infected partners to cheat death. Jumping out of airplanes or with cords attached to your ankles is hardly 100% safe, yet people do it for the adrenaline rush. Well Russian Roulette Sex Parties are apparently a “thing.”

What exactly is a Russian Roulette Sex Party? It’s a sex party where a group of people, usually masked, are all having sex with random guests, but the thing is, one of the guests is actually HIV+, but no one is told who, so you are engaging in an orgy where one of the people could fuck you and transmit their disease to you. And NO condoms are allowed. Sounds fun, right? Um, not so much to a sane minded person. Some will even pass out the anti retroviral pills at the beginning of the party to reduce the risk a bit, but not enough that condoms are allowed.

People really are just this pathetic apparently to risk their health and lives for some kind of heightened orgasmic thrill. I guess any time you have a one night stand with someone, you are taking a risk, there’s a chance that they could have something and give it to you. Going to a party where you know for sure though that someone there is absolutely infected though and having unprotected sex with them, that’s just taking things to a whole other level of stupid. I guess ones partaking in such an event deserve what they get, but if they take that home to a regular partner that didn’t sign up for such exposure, the ultimate in selfish behavior.

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