Flashing The Store Clerk


I can recall years ago when my friend and I were in college we did some pretty cheeky things, risky as well. It’s a wonder we never got caught doing any of the absurd things we managed to do. One time we were at the mall and there was this really cute store clerk around our age, likely working his way through college like we were and we decided to tease him and we flashed him our tits. It was really funny, he looked so bored and half asleep while leaning up against the check out area and we just pulled our tops up.

He perked right up after that! He looked around to make sure no one saw and I was a bit afraid a security camera might catch us, but he waved us over and said it was ok, there wasn’t any in the corner we were in and we could see the bulge in his pants and I wanted to touch it and squeeze it and we went into one of the dressing rooms that was near his till and he whipped out his cock and started to show us, and it was big. He asked if we’d like to watch him jerk off and we giggled and said sure.

He started t pump his dick up and down and it was a really nice cock actually, and he asked if we’d be willing to meet up when he was finished with work in an hour and we looked at each other and said yes, we’d be willing to have some fun. He stroked his big cock for us and I was looking forward to getting that cock in my pussy later, we just watched him and it wasn’t long until he shot a load for us, and we did indeed meet up a bit later, but that’s a story for another time!

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