BBC Gangbang

There’s two things that many phone callers love to talk about, big, black cock, and gangbangs. Put them together and many guys are in heaven, talking about their wife or girlfriend getting pounded by some BBC, often being the cuckold watching from the sidelines and maybe acting as a fluffer or clean up boy if they are lucky. Many also have a small penis of course, that’s why they wish to see their lady with a big dick guy, since they know they themselves are incapable of pleasing a woman like that.

They are often jealous of the well hung black guys, so feel they could fill their partner like no one else can, add a few of his friends to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect BBC gangbang. Recently a caller has been asking for these calls and wanting descriptive details as to what would be going on. Usually five guys is how many he likes the fantasy to be about, one fort he pussy, one for the ass, one for the mouth and two more just to shoot cum all over the woman in the fantasy. She’s a busy gal!

So much cum, such a slutty, cum filled whore she is with her overflowing, sloppy pussy, just waiting to be used over and over again by those Mandingos. He loved the idea of fucking her after, her cunt so stretched out she couldn’t even feel him fucking her. Her cum filled pussy gapping around his undersized cock, humiliating him even more. The fact that they are so huge, virile, and possible going to breed her is a big turn on for ones into the BBC gangbang.

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