The Bigger The Better

Some callers really love BBW’s. Not all guys are looking to fuck a bone rack, they want something they can grab onto and give a good pounding to without worrying it might snap in half. Most bigger girls also have big tits as well, not all, but most, so that means some extra good titty fucking when the lady has a pair of big knockers. Really super sized BBW’s can even let a guy fuck their rolls of fat if you’re into the odd, non penetrative sex thing that is possible when there’s extra flesh to utilize.

The cuddly nature of big girls appeals to many men. Some men also go after bigger girls for not positive reasons as well. Some that have self esteem issues will figure a bigger girl will be grateful for the attention, so be less apt to abandon them or cheat on them than a woman with a better figure. They also think some bigger girls will be better in bed since they are more inclined to be passive and let a guy do what they want to them since it will be harder for them to get another mate, so they will go further than a smaller woman to please a man.

Not all guys into big girls have mental issues though, some just like the feel more of a fuller figure. Bones against bones is not always comfortable or arousing and a thinner woman will not have much padding on them. They might look good, but feeling good is a different matter. So give a BBW a chance, they just might be the most fun you’ve had on a date with a woman!

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