Handicapped Callers


One thing you notice when taking phone sex calls is once in a while you get a handicapped caller. They have some affliction, may be in a wheelchair or just otherwise not able to move around normally or easily, but they still have sexual needs and desires and sadly their condition often means they are not as appealing to women and may have limited if any sexual experience in their real lives with them. Some have even been turned down by escorts, it’s very sad. So many turn to phone sex as a way to enhance their masturbation, which is the only sex they have in their life.

Some have even told me other phone sex operators have declined speaking to them when they reveal their condition, which is beyond absurd. While these clients are not seeking pity, you cannot help but feel badly for them, I cannot imagine turning some caller down because of some condition he has, that’s not only insane, it’s cruel. I’d be happy to help them since this is all the enjoyment they would get from a woman, they are often so grateful for the attention they nearly cry, it’s heartbreaking, they are people with feelings and deserve to be treated with respect.

They don’t even need to tell anyone there’s anything wrong with them, but they are open enough to do so. If you have some problem like cerebral palsy, or anything else, you should certainly feel you are as entitled as anyone else to seek out phone sex services and be made to feel welcome to come on as a client. We fantasy providers want to help make your masturbation experience as enjoyable as possible, no matter your state of health, which is your own business, we are here to help.

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