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You Are a Sadist

It goes without saying there’s a lot of sick fucks that call these lines. Some are really into Sadism and torture. Some of the things callers have said is downright scary. Some want to talk about things that are too … Continue reading

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Faggot Confession Line

Many men that call for phone sex admit to having had same sex experiences, in the past or current. Most will not admit in any way shape or form they are fags, gays, queers, homos, etc. They seem to separate … Continue reading

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CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

Some guys are really into giving the woman all the power. The CFNM phenomenon, otherwise known as clothed female naked male. One of my regular callers is into this, one of the few I watch on cam, and he likes … Continue reading

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Size Kings & Masturbators

A caller of mine that has a small penis was telling me something I’d never thought of before. He said he likes to buy magnum sized condoms, even though he can’t use them, to impress the store clerks. I was … Continue reading

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Big Clit Humiliation

A comment in a forum inspired this post. A man asked the ladies if they had ever wanted a bigger clit, like many men would of course wish for a bigger cock. My reply wasn’t very welcomed by the ladies, … Continue reading

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