You Are a Sadist

It goes without saying there’s a lot of sick fucks that call these lines. Some are really into Sadism and torture. Some of the things callers have said is downright scary. Some want to talk about things that are too extreme to even write about here. The violence some men feel towards women can be frightening. You will find women willing to entertain any fantasy, no matter how depraved, if you look hard enough. Not all of us will do that though. One caller that was mad at his neighbor said he wanted to cut off her clit with a pair of scissors. That’s honestly tame compared to some examples I could give but will not.

Some aren’t necessarily into inflicting pain, but want to degrade the woman. Now it’s true you cannot decide what is degrading for another person. It might be unthinkable and degrading to you, but to the other person is totally fine and within their comfort zone. Humiliation and degradation is very different for different people and some do like to get the pain and others sure love to dole it out. Hopefully ones that call about “dark topics” will never act them out and be satisfied just talking about them.

A man the other night called and asked if I’d be willing to do snuff calls. Snuff means where people die. No. Now no one would actually be dying during the call obviously, but the idea that someone wants to talk about killing and torturing someone until they die as they jerk off is honestly disturbing on many levels. You have to wonder what happened to these people to make them this way. They are beyond mental help honestly. If someone is consensual, you want to whip someone and they are willing to let you do it, go for it, but most don’t want consent, they sound like would be serial killers in training at some point. You never know who’s on the other end of the line.

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