Drinking Your Man Milk

What is it about cum that so many men are intrigued by? The number of men that want to lick their own cum after masturbating or having sex with a woman is incredible. While it might be normal to try and taste it a couple of times in your life, to do so on a regular basis is pretty odd if you think about it, yet it’s surprisingly common. Some callers always say they cum in their hand to slurp it up after. Or when they are with a woman they love to either eat the “cream pie” out of her pussy, or squirt it on her tits and lick it off when they shoot it there.

Never under estimate how many are really into it. Ones have talked about making it into ice cubes and putting it into their drinks, or shooting it on popcorn like butter. One man that is a chef horrified me when he spoke about making lunch for his mother’s church group and “spicing it up with his special blend” if you get my drift. Yes, he admitted to putting his own cum into the poor unsuspecting fools food. Also into his mother’s yogurt. I was disgusted and horrified. He said how much he’d love to cook for me. Um, no. I wouldn’t eat a morsel of food you prepared after you admitted that to me. No doubt any recipes he makes have a part of him in them!

If people consent to such consumption, go for it, but to do it to others who did not is just horrible, it’s like a type of rape. Many think their cum is almost sacred in a way, how could anyone NOT want to consume it? It’s incredible how some can delude themselves into thinking everyone would want this, when in fact very few would ever want it. There’s some disturbed people out there. I worry about what goes on in restaurant kitchens enough as it is if I order from some place.

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