Lonely Lady

There’s no shortage of lonely people out there, and often the most lonely ones of all can be married. You know the old saying, alone in a crowd, well, it doesn’t need to be a crowd. You can be plenty lonely with just two of you. So it should come as no shock that there’s many lonely housewives out there just looking for some attention. One caller was telling me how when he was a college student he had a relationship with the lady next door that was in just such a situation. He’d come home on holidays from school and see her then.

He had a lot of hot sex with her and managed to do so without his parents finding out about it. He’d let her know when he was home and they’d usually meet somewhere. Her sister had a place not too far away and she was often away on business, so they used her condo a lot for their trysts. He loved being with an older woman and said she was always so horny when they fucked. She loved his young cock and sucked it so hungrily before they would fuck one another. She loved to be his cougar slut and have him pin her down.

Her husband rarely fucked her at all anymore, and she lived for the school breaks when she’d get his young dick. She loved it hard and her pussy took a pounding by his young, hard shaft. Her juices would coat his cock and then she’d suck them off after they fucked. He said girls his own age couldn’t come close to being as horny as she was, and as grateful to see him. This went on for the whole time he was in college. There’s plenty of horny women out there, you just need to find them.

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Let’s Have a Quickie

Last night I came in and had to make dinner for some friends that were due to come over in a couple of hours. I got everything ready and was going to change and set the table. My boyfriend then decided to become amorous, when there was no time to spare. That’s always the way, isn’t it? He promised just a quickie that we could both enjoy as the food cooked. Why not. So I gave in and he pulled me up into his arms and carried me to the bed. He had us both stripped in seconds it seemed.

I felt his cock enter me swiftly. He normally spends a good deal of time on foreplay, but there just wasn’t time. We had a fast and furious fuck. He positioned me just right so my clit would feel his cock against it for every thrust. It felt wonderful, and sure, a quickie can just hit the spot. He even promised after they left that he was really going to show me some attention, but we’d both cum for now. I quickly got dressed and got things arranged before they arrived.

After they left, it was time to slow things down and he went down on my still creamy pussy for ages, making me cum in a leisurely fashion. I’d been gooey all night. Even though I cleaned up after our quickie, you know how after you cum you still have that moist feeling in your pussy and you can feel slippery for many hours afterwards. He made the most of that feeling and I had several wonderful orgasms from his tongue and his cock. It was wonderful to feel so relaxed and enjoy everything he was doing to me, I loved it. I gave him a sloppy wet blow job in return as well, hot sex is the best.

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You Little Worm

There hasn’t been too many giantess callers over the years, but once in a while you get one. Most men into this shrinking fetish imagine their entire bodies shrinking down to a bug sized miniature version of themselves. This recent caller though only imagines one part of him getting smaller. I’m sure you can well guess which part that is. His tiny penis. He even related what he thinks is the root cause of this fetish of his. He said his first girlfriend had a growth spurt when they dated and for over a year she was taller than he was and growing.

He said the sense of humiliation he felt when he had to get on his tiptoes to kiss her and look up to her stays with him to this day. Eventually he had his own growth spurt and became normal height, and she stopped growing, and was several inches shorter than he was. By that time they had stopped dating though. He said when she was taller than he was she laughed and told him she wasn’t growing but that he was shrinking. He said he felt a tingle in his cock at her saying that.

All these decades later, he’s still thinking of her laughing and saying he was shrinking. It, like many fetishes, was born of a humiliating incident that has had lifelong consequences. I said if only that girl had any idea that her comment would still be thought about decades later and still having an effect on your life. She likely forgot about the entire remark ages ago, as most would have. Men often have a long ago root cause to their fetishes, and even though she didn’t make a comment about his penis, it was just his height, he imagines it was. He wants me to tell him it’s shrinking.

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Drinking Your Man Milk

What is it about cum that so many men are intrigued by? The number of men that want to lick their own cum after masturbating or having sex with a woman is incredible. While it might be normal to try and taste it a couple of times in your life, to do so on a regular basis is pretty odd if you think about it, yet it’s surprisingly common. Some callers always say they cum in their hand to slurp it up after. Or when they are with a woman they love to either eat the “cream pie” out of her pussy, or squirt it on her tits and lick it off when they shoot it there.

Never under estimate how many are really into it. Ones have talked about making it into ice cubes and putting it into their drinks, or shooting it on popcorn like butter. One man that is a chef horrified me when he spoke about making lunch for his mother’s church group and “spicing it up with his special blend” if you get my drift. Yes, he admitted to putting his own cum into the poor unsuspecting fools food. Also into his mother’s yogurt. I was disgusted and horrified. He said how much he’d love to cook for me. Um, no. I wouldn’t eat a morsel of food you prepared after you admitted that to me. No doubt any recipes he makes have a part of him in them!

If people consent to such consumption, go for it, but to do it to others who did not is just horrible, it’s like a type of rape. Many think their cum is almost sacred in a way, how could anyone NOT want to consume it? It’s incredible how some can delude themselves into thinking everyone would want this, when in fact very few would ever want it. There’s some disturbed people out there. I worry about what goes on in restaurant kitchens enough as it is if I order from some place.

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You Are a Sadist

It goes without saying there’s a lot of sick fucks that call these lines. Some are really into Sadism and torture. Some of the things callers have said is downright scary. Some want to talk about things that are too extreme to even write about here. The violence some men feel towards women can be frightening. You will find women willing to entertain any fantasy, no matter how depraved, if you look hard enough. Not all of us will do that though. One caller that was mad at his neighbor said he wanted to cut off her clit with a pair of scissors. That’s honestly tame compared to some examples I could give but will not.

Some aren’t necessarily into inflicting pain, but want to degrade the woman. Now it’s true you cannot decide what is degrading for another person. It might be unthinkable and degrading to you, but to the other person is totally fine and within their comfort zone. Humiliation and degradation is very different for different people and some do like to get the pain and others sure love to dole it out. Hopefully ones that call about “dark topics” will never act them out and be satisfied just talking about them.

A man the other night called and asked if I’d be willing to do snuff calls. Snuff means where people die. No. Now no one would actually be dying during the call obviously, but the idea that someone wants to talk about killing and torturing someone until they die as they jerk off is honestly disturbing on many levels. You have to wonder what happened to these people to make them this way. They are beyond mental help honestly. If someone is consensual, you want to whip someone and they are willing to let you do it, go for it, but most don’t want consent, they sound like would be serial killers in training at some point. You never know who’s on the other end of the line.

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