Faggot Confession Line

Many men that call for phone sex admit to having had same sex experiences, in the past or current. Most will not admit in any way shape or form they are fags, gays, queers, homos, etc. They seem to separate the realities from what they feel is real, that they are totally straight, but they occasionally suck dick. It’s so absurd and laughable, but they like to live in their little land of delusions. Some like to be humiliated for being cocksuckers, and it’s so fun and easy to tell them what little fags they really are.

They might be married and running around the poor wife’s back sucking random dick and feel this is totally acceptable to do so, exposing her to whatever disease they might be bringing home to her and using no protection whatsoever. They really are despicable creatures. Faggot humiliation is a real thing, and a fun thing to do. It’s fun to put degenerates in their place, especially when they think there’s nothing wrong with them. If you think sucking dick doesn’t make you gay, you’re a moron. You’re a fag, accept it and tell the world what pervert you really are. Tell wifey, see what she says about your little extra curricular activity.

You do love dick, don’t you? You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise, right? Do you like the feel of a rock hard cock sliding down your throat? The sweet taste of that clear precum on the tip of your tongue and then the salty jizz in your mouth so plentiful it makes your cheeks bulge out when it squirts into your mouth and then you swallow it all? You cup their cum filled balls and give them a squeeze as they empty down your thirsty throat. You really are a cocksucker and a faggot, I knew it.

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