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Faggot Confession Line

Many men that call for phone sex admit to having had same sex experiences, in the past or current. Most will not admit in any way shape or form they are fags, gays, queers, homos, etc. They seem to separate … Continue reading

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Popper Phone Sex

A man called today that was using poppers, aka alkyl nitrites, and he was having a grand old time. They have a long history and are twenty five times more popular among gay men. He was riding a dildo when … Continue reading

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Sexual Encounters With The Homeless

Well one of the odder calls of the week was all at once humorous, gross and bizarre. A caller claimed he was approached by a homeless man for spare change, not out of the realm of believability, it happens to … Continue reading

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Stretch Me Open Wide

One of my callers, well many of them, but this one in particular, are obsessed with big, black cock. They themselves have a tiny cock and love the thought of being dominated and fucked by a huge cock that is … Continue reading

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