High Heels For Feminity

woman in heels

Many women and men are obsessed with high heels. Woman are to be as fashionable as possible and look their best, well, have their legs and asses look their best. Men because they prefer the way a woman looks walking wearing the heels. Studies have shown a woman’s walking gait is further enhanced the higher the heel she is wearing. It makes it more difficult to walk the higher the heel, so the exaggerations become even more pronounced and make her look all the more feminine.

Seems silly really, yet it’s true. They do make the legs appear longer and the ass higher and hips sway more decidedly. Not comfortable mind you, but many women are more than willing to sacrifice comfort for looks and fashion. There are also plenty of leg and ass men out there that enjoy the way a woman looks mincing along in high heels. How many guys have I talked to that like to discuss a woman wearing heels and lingerie and nothing else. I can well remember soft core movies from the 80’s where there was heels, stockings and all these long strands of these faux pearl necklaces.

Ones into shoe fetishes like heels for a different reason, they are into the smell of the worn shoes and placing their dick in the shoes and cumming on the shoes. High heels have their fans in many different ways! High heels have been around for hundreds of years, and men even used to wear them. Now you’d make fun of a guy in heels as he’s likely only wearing them because he’s shorter than average.

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