Is That A Cock?


When I get guys calling for small penis humiliation they often send me pictures of their cocks beforehand. Some are literally the size of clits, like an acorn sized cock there would be nothing to actually fuck you with. Well there are women out there with the opposite problem. They have clits the size of cocks. There are some pretty scary pics online. And I’m not talking hermaphrodites either, I mean real women with just freakishly large clits.

I read recently about a girl that was describing how she masturbated like she had a little cock. As in she was jerking it up and down between thumb and forefinger, it seemed so bizarre to read. I would guess gynecologists see every variation of ones out there, from pretty porn pussies to the ugliest of pussies that looks like an overstuffed roast beef sandwich. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder this is true, and I guess many guys would be grateful to get any pussy to place their dicks in, let alone care about its appearance. They don’t call it bumping the uglies for nothing, it’s hardly our most beautiful body part.

Some of these clits I would think might intimidate or scare off a guy though if they saw such a thing as the girls took her clothes off. Imagine if you saw a bulge in your lady’s panties, you very well might run for the hills! Thankfully mine is small and delicate like a little pea, not giving a cock a run for its money. I’m sure guys out there with some kind of a hermaphrodite fetish might well enjoy such a large clit on a gal, it takes all kinds.

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