Apron Fetish


Many fetishes seem to have their beginnings in Japan for some reason. They often have very unusual ones that then seem to take root elsewhere. Many times though fetishes already exist in many places, then one place will make them more widespread and popular. Another such fetish is the apron fetish. They call it, “Hadaka”. It means nude wearing only an apron.

Now ones of course might assume this fetish springs from young men recalling their mothers wearing an apron in the family kitchen, likely NOT nude underneath, yet during their formative and sexual awakening years, so it gets mixed in together and the otherwise non sexual garment of an apron then gets sexualized and the focus of their masturbatory fantasies and desires. It’s a simple enough thing really, I certainly would have no issue if a boyfriend wanted me to cook wearing an apron and nothing else. I’ve cooked totally nude many times, a bit tricky if dealing with fried foods that spit tiny drops of hot grease on you!

Since aprons are totally open at the back, they also give way to fucking doggy style over the counter, and many that are dominant would see the outfit as a submissive garment. Being a maid, or one of lesser power doing what he boss or master tells her to do. The French Maid costume is not quite the same, but also a very sexy example of a similar type of themed fantasy.  So yes honey, I will cook you your dinner in nothing but an apron, and I am dessert!

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