Halitosis Heaven

breath spray

Seeing as I hear about guys into all sorts of gross body odors, from fishy pussies to sweaty asses, to underarms, feet, it never occurred to me of another odor some of us are unfortunate enough to have. Bad breath. It is a real issue for some. Put away your breath spray and “Breath Assure” capsules, for there are ones out there who are not only going to overlook your stinky breath, but seek you out for it.

I truly do not get this one, I can almost get the pussy one, it’s sexual organs, some like the ripe, unwashed smells, don’t understand that, but breath? I’ve known a few people in my life that had very bad breath, to me, it smelled like I hate to say it, shit. There’s a certain compound that is present in both, and it’s a totally revolting smell you literally back away from. To grasp ones want to kiss someone with bad breath, it’s bizarre to say the least. You really do learn something new everyday in this business, I must say.

Countless times I have heard of fart fetish, yet only today have I heard of this one. Breath that would kill a horse is apparently getting some guys hard as rock, and I read some women are into it as well. Until our fairly modern inventions of most toiletries, regular bathing and grooming of only the last century, “bad” smells were indeed the norm, I’m guessing it was overlooked or simply not noticed somehow, and these ones into these kinds of smells are perhaps just more like the folks of yesteryear. We have become so accustomed to everything being squeaky clean and covering our body odors, that we are now ultra sensitive to ones that have them. There truly is someone out there into any weird thing you can think of.

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