That Sure Is Cold! BRRRRRR!


I had heard a few times about ice cubes shoved up the ass, but I heard of a twist on this tonight that a cruel and dominant Mistress was using on her slaves. Taking a condom and filling it with water an then freezing that so it became a frozen cylinder of ice, takes over a day to freeze properly due to the thickness. I’d never heard of this, you fill it, freeze it, then cut the condom off and then insert up the ass of your slave and it can take over 4 hours to melt, the entire time they are squirming from discomfort.

The man I talked to that had this done was really into having things shoved up his ass, from humongous dildos and strap ons to the ice cylinder. His Mistress has NO safe word, so once you pay to go into her lair, there is no turning back, no safety net, you are a willing participant to her devilish administrations. He was considering a session over his Christmas holidays, but wasn’t quite sure if he could take it.

I was laughing at his concerns, he’s had all kinds of stuff done to him and he always willingly goes back for more, so I’m sure he will decide to go through with the Christmastime session he’s thinking about and then call me when it’s over and cry about how much awful stuff she did to him, boo hoo my friend, boo hoo…….From riding bicycles with built on dildos, to some kind of hook thing up the ass, he always does as he is told to, no matter how outlandish.

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