A Whiter Shade Of Pale-Albino Fetish


Like most anything, an abnormality can result in certain people finding it a desirable quality. Some have a fetish for albinos. As in people with lack of normal amounts of pigment in their eyes, skin and hair. Every animal and culture has albinos, and many falsehoods have sprung up around them. The North American obsession with skin tanning via tanning beds or skin coloring lotions isn’t shared by all societies. Many like the vampire like paleness Goth’s like to emulate.

I am not an albino, but am quite pale, my grandmother used to call me, “The Bloodless Beauty”, meaning I looked so pale as to have been drained of blood. That look and the even more extreme attraction to ones with white blonde hair and pink eyes, well, that’s just odd…Yet it exists. There is an audience for everyone, no matter their affliction, I am convinced of it. Even if you have no coloring at all. Imagine looking into the pink eyes of your lover, oh Lord…

There is indeed of course porn to go with this fetish, albino porn is indeed easily found if you were looking for it. Pale skin is favored by many, but not that pale usually. Many women that are albinos can and do alter their appearance with hair color, colored contact lenses and makeup to appear non albino, but some are attracted to them because of it. Just another odd fetish in this interesting world of ours. To know that ones are attracted to us not in spite of our abnormality, but because of it.

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