Let Me See…….

woman and mirror

Masturbating with mirrors is something most of us have tried at one time or the other. I certainly used to when I was younger and I think it’s a wonderful way for girls especially to explore their own bodies. I laughed when on a sitcom I was watching the grandmother asked the granddaughter if she was “exploring her body, and had she ever REALLY looked at her vagina with a mirror.” The poor girl cringed at the grandmothers trying to be modern and helpful. I sure can’t imagine MY grandmother saying such things! A mirror does help you get in touch with views you can no other way.
Many couples enjoy having sex in front of mirrors to add visual stimulation to the physical stimulation. Unless you had a fairly good body I would think that could add further stress though, seeing all the jiggling and wobbling and then thinking, gee, if I notice and am turned off by my body doing that, how can my partner also not be turned off by that? We all do not have Playboy worthy bodies though, very, very few of us do, so I guess you just have to overlook the imperfections and take the extra excitement the mirrors can bring to the encounter and enjoy it.
Masturbation though we don’t have others watching us as a rule, so we can see different angles and views without worrying about others seeing us look not at our best. There is something exciting about watching your juices flow and smearing your pussy with them and looking in a high magnification mirror as you do. Watching your pussy contract as you have an orgasm and you spasm uncontrollably. We should all know these things our bodies do, and as we cannot see them with our own eyes.

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