Oh No, You Didn’t!


I had a disturbing call the other night, and I think it was likely the first time such a thing happened on a call, I hope so anyway. This man was seeming to have a normal call, a small penis humiliation call, was going on about his 3 inch cock, nothing odd there, and he says he has to get his dog…I assumed he meant the dog was at the door and needed in or out, I’ve heard barking dogs on calls in the past and they have to open the door to let them in or out, that stuff happens.

Then I don’t hear any door opening or closing, and I asked him what he meant by “having to get his dog”, then he hangs up. Oh Lord, I do not even want to think what was going on over there, but needless to say I was horrified, blocked his sick ass and I hope that dog bit his little dick off, the sick fuck. That poor dog, I don’t know what he was doing to the poor thing, but as soon as I asked what he meant, to hang up, does not bode well and I think my worst assumptions are accurate. I don’t know what drives people to do such things, desperation I guess, but escorts are a better option I’d think, but you have to pay them every time, a poor pet is a slave of sorts, no way for them to say no.

Some callers want to talk about women with dogs, and one the other week said it was his fantasy to die while being fucked by a horse! This was his greatest wish. I recalled a few years ago a man did indeed die while doing this, I think he’d even been recording it on some device as it happened. I am speechless when I hear such things, I do not do those kinds of calls, but obviously these men say something first for me to mention I do NOT go there, I am stunned at where some go in their minds for fantasies, and apparently some are carrying it into more than the fantasy realm.

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