Sweaty Feet


Not everyone into a foot fetish is into toe sucking and foot licking. Not all are even into foot jobs. There seem to be a few branches on the foot fetish tree. Some are just into smells. Some don’t even need the feet, just the shoes or the boots the feet have been in and now smell like is good enough for some. The smell of feet is intoxicating to some more so than the finest and most expensive French perfumes.

A man the other night was saying how much he loved stockings-ones that had been worn and that were smelling of feet that had been in them all day walking around, how the very smell was enough to get his dick hard and drive him wild. Some will wrap the stocking around their cock and become very aroused at that, the texture of the nylons, the feeling of them on their cock. I’d think skin against skin would be the ultimate, but no, for many the fabric of the sheer stockings can get them hard as a rock, and the smell of the feet in addition to that is enough to send them over the edge to orgasm after orgasm.

Feet are a strange thing to fixate on when you think about it, yet they are the number one body part to be objectified and into a fetish, so there must be something there. Maybe some winter boots on a hot summer day would make them wild, just think of all the sweat building up…..Yummy!

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