Humiliation Anyone?

small penis

Small penis humiliation is one of the most popular fetishes that I personally encounter during calls, it’s a specialty of mine for sure since I deal with so many of them. One thing that always gets me curious though that I did indeed just get a while ago yet again, are guys into small penis humiliation that in fact do not have a small penis at all. Even a larger than average one can like these types of calls I have found.

It seems to be the humiliation they crave more than anything. Many times a caller will say they seek humiliation, yet when I ask of what kind, they seem at a loss as to what to ask for. I cannot read minds, so I start at the top and ask if small penis is what they are seeking, no, racial, no, not black, then what sort? “Oh, I don’t know, just ‘humiliation'” good grief, can you be a bit specific, just a little to let me know what you are looking for?

Some men can be very frustrating with conversations like this. They don’t know what they seek and they expect us to know what they want without them telling us. But why a guy would want to imagine having a small cock I cannot imagine. They must want to diminish themselves in their own eyes and be made to feel unworthy in some way on some level. Shall I give you a good, swift kick in the balls while I’m at it? Will that humiliate you to a degree as well, to know I’m now physically overtaking you? Many men do seem to want women to take the lead in their lives and feel genuinely uncomfortable that society has placed them in charge because of the mere fact they have been born with a cock. No worries, I will be happy to put them in their place.

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