Pregnant Partners


Some men do love a pregnant sexual partner, there’s just something about that glow they have during pregnancy. And the soaring hormones often make for a much hornier woman that is seeking a lot more sex than usual. It varies by person to person of course, if you’re one of the unlucky ones struck by severe morning sickness, then you likely don’t want to think about sex at all, far from it, yet if you’re one of the feeling like a woman in bloom types, you may want to get busy a lot with your man.

Studies have shown women who swallow their partners semen during oral sex have lower chances of pre-eclampsia, so no worries about swallowing all that cum from your loverboy. The secretions during pregnancy can be more pungent as well, which some men love. I recall a girlfriend telling me hers smelled like Vick’s Vapo rub! Wow! Now THAT’S pungent! Never been pregnant myself, so I can’t rightly say how secretions smell different or how my horniness levels differ, but I’ve read many things women have said about that time. Some wish to hide their growing form and not want to be seen or touched at all from the time they find out they are expecting until a year after. Now that seems odd.

It’s no wonder many men seek the attentions of another woman if their mate is of that mindset, they are not getting affection at home, so they look elsewhere, seems simple enough to me, really. But if their lover feels healthy and horny and they love a full belly and more full breasts and bigger, darker nipples than usual, then pregnancy can be a beautiful time for both of them.

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