Open Wide


It’s one thing to appreciate a plus sized woman, many men do. It’s a whole other ball game to try and fatten someone up to the point of risking their health. Feeders are men that love to fatten women up, often women that are big in the first place. They wish for them to be bed ridden or wheelchair bound, growing bigger as they are fed by the men they love.

The men into this fetish want to make sure the woman they are feeding is somehow bound to them, and if the woman is too large to leave the house, maybe even get out of bed, let alone hold down a job, then she is dependent on this man for survival, she won’t be going out with other men. It’s a very bizarre fetish of interdependence and enabling feeding into each others insecurities. If women like this ever lost weight enough to have a job and get around, these men would leave them, what purpose would they then serve? They wouldn’t be needed anymore.

Even when they know they are pushing their mates towards even worse health, they won’t stop. The need to keep the woman dependent on them is too strong. There are many troubled individuals out there, that have their own issues and draw others into their drama. The men and women in these relationships both need mental help, not good for their bodies or their minds. There are even feeder cams where guys pay a woman to eat on cam as they jerk off and she eats, crazy.

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