Ba Ba Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?


This next fetish, like so many others, I never dreamed was a fetish until I started researching it. There is a fetish for ones out there that are obsessed with wool clothing. There are several wool fetish websites and even ones that specialize in making wool garments to suit your odd needs. They have bizarre garments featured that cover you from head to toe and make you drop your jaw in disbelief at the items.

The ones into this say it makes them feel “comforted, and cozy” to be encased in wool garments. I mean, I love a nice sweater that’s soft and has a nice design as much as the next girl, in my teens I was even proud of my sweater collection that was 42 strong, but I never had the desire to be encased in wool over my entire body, or have a bodysuit made from wool. It’s just downright weird! But given the choice between the body covered in wool garments or the PVC stuff, I will take the wool, that PVC. Latex obsession is just creepy to me, too sci fi futuristic.

How one crosses that line from wearing a garment for warmth to wearing a garment for sexual obsessive purposes, I am not quite sure. I guess for every item out there, there is someone obsessed with it and thinking of it in terms of sexual purposes. Makes you wonder what went on in their past that they take an everyday object and turn it into a personal sexual turn on.

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