Panty Boys


Now we’ve all heard of guys with a panty fetish, but there are many branches on the panty fetish tree. One I know writes elaborate stories about panties-panties that talk…and oh the things the panties say about the ones wearing them, it’s all quite unusual. For instance, I was not aware that all panties are lesbians that crave to be next to pussy all the time, and they don’t like men wearing panties at all, it angers them. Oh the stuff I hear, I couldn’t dream it up in a million years.

If it makes him happy though, no harm really, but some of these guys sure have imaginations. Panties apparently have a lot to say about the ones wearing them. He likes them called “pannies”. It’s hard to imagine one being so turned on by a piece of fabric, yet many do, they have entire fantasy lives built around them. Masturbating in them, smelling them, sucking on them, wearing them, stealing them from others. So many stolen panties out there by guys that are fixated on them and their smell. The smell that comes from being pressed up against the pussy all day long.

The silky fabric against their cock and balls is enough to drive some over the edge and cum in their panties. Apparently panties don’t like cum in them either, but some will be cummed in and soaked right through as they are worn and masturbated in.  So many panty boys out there, it’s hard to keep them all straight. They really are a little bent though to be honest…

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