Jerking in the Car

Lots of guys are masturbating in their car. More callers than you would think are calling from parking lots, parked on the street, you name it. Some go to the car since there’s no privacy at home, so they drive around to some secluded spot where they get some much needed privacy. Others that are exhibitionists, are deliberately parking in a semi public area so there’s a chance someone will walk by and see them doing it. Others are doing it while driving, which seems pretty dangerous. Last night a man called with no privacy at home, so he went to the corner of a parking lot where he could see everything around him.

He could get some peace in the car and was stroking away enjoying himself. For many, the car is their last refuge, a mobile refuge. Their private little room on wheels they can go to and get away. Some even use empty cups from drive thru’s they got to cum in. Imagine driving on a long stretch of highway and you’re bored, nothing to do, and your mind wanders and suddenly you’re horny, so your hand goes to your dick and starts to stroke it. Gently at first over your jeans, then unzipping for full skin on skin contact.

The cars are whizzing by, your hand is jerking your dick, getting you more and more excited. Maybe you haven’t cum in a few days and you just can’t take the ache in your balls one moment longer and the teasing feels oh so good as you stroke yourself, knowing that inevitable orgasmic release is very close. You drive onward, and stroke, each pass of your hand driving you closer and closer to that edge, and then you grab your empty coffee cup, and squirt that load into it as you continue to drive. Naughty, naughty boy you are. Felt good though, didn’t it?

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