Her Pussy Was Stretched Out

One of the recent callers was sharing how he fucked his wife a few nights ago and something didn’t seem quite right. It took him a few minutes to realize what it was. Then it came to him. Her pussy felt different, it felt bigger than it had the last time. Then he wondered if she’d been seeing someone else that had a larger penis than he did. He said he was only four inches, so most guys would have a penis larger than he did. If she’d been with some guy that was double his size, yes, of course she could easily seem stretched out from what she’d been.

He then realized she’d come home late the night before, she’d been supposedly working late with a coworker, he’d had no reason to doubt her. Then the loose pussy situation got his attention, so he started to observe her more closely. He noticed she was showering more often, as if she was washing “evidence” away. That is a sign of a partner cheating, then the idea stated to turn him on, that a man with a larger cock was satisfying her in a way he never could. He mentioned it and asked her outright if she was sleeping with another man, and she admitted it. He told her he wasn’t angry and in fact would like to watch. It was an odd evening for the two of them to come to terms with.

She finally agreed to tell her coworker about him finding out, and they are supposed to go over and fuck in front of him later this week. I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. So many odd things people share and get involved with. Cuckold, small penis humiliation, all of these are very common topics among callers. Maybe you have some stories of your own to share with our phone sex girls.

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