Light Housekeeping

For extra money, sometimes I work for this xrated maid service for men. It’s just light housekeeping while you wear a French maid’s uniform and no panties underneath. It pays well, the work is light, and once the guys cum, they usually tell you leave even though you’ve been paid for a set amount of time. They usually masturbate while they watch you vacuum, dust, make the bed, etc. They don’t touch you, they just stare and rub their dicks. I haven’t told any of my girlfriend’s about this since I think they’d judge me, but it’s worked well for me and given me some good money for little effort.

Last week I got a call and this man had hired me for three hours. He apparently wanted his whole condo cleaned. I got there and he looked pretty turned on already. I could see a bulge in his pants. I took my coat off and he looked me up and down in my uniform. He told me to bend over and touch my toes so he could look at my cunt. He seemed to approve. He sat down on the sofa and told me to clean the coffee table in front of him. I bent over and totally exposed my shaved pussy to him. I could just feel his eyes boring into me.

I looked over my shoulder and he was beating his dick so fast and so hard, it was making those fapping sounds. I nearly giggled at it. I vacuumed and walked around, showing off my wares every few minutes to him and then he groaned and came. I bet I wasn’t there twenty minutes even and he’d paid for three hours. I said I’d be happy to continue to keep on cleaning for the paid for time, but he said it wasn’t necessary and that I could go. I took the envelope of money and left. So easy.

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