Fucking the Fluffy Girls

Some men love the bigger girls in bed. One caller said he only will fuck bigger girls since they physically feel better to him. He loves a good titty fuck and most bigger girls have ample tits. He had a date last week and said when he picked her up she was wearing a low cut dress, her huge tits nearly spilling out of it and he had a hard time keeping his eyes elsewhere the rest of the date. Then they went back to his place and he quickly got her into bed. He kissed her and fingered her fat cunt before laying her back and going down on her wet pussy.

Her fat thighs around his head nearly smothered him and he loved every minute of it. He said she was so wet, just pouring love juice and he lapped it up. He said she was quite a big girl, so getting on her knees for doggy position sex would be quite uncomfortable for her, so she stood at the edge of the bed, and bent over and he fucker that way from behind. He could reach around and squeeze those huge tits and smack her ass as he pounded her.

He said bigger girls are sturdier, you don’t feel like they’re going to snap like a twig, so they can really take a good, firm fucking. After his cock was all wet from her pussy, he asked if he could slip it into her big bottom and she said yes, she’d like that, so she bend over even further and held her ass cheeks open and he popped in the head of his cock and eased it in and she squealed. He gave her a good ass fucking while he fingered her clit underneath and once she came, he shot his load all over her fat, jiggly bum.

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