Landlady Taking Advantage

Normally it’s men that will take advantage of a woman in dire straights, but it can be flipped. This caller was telling me when he was young he got laid off and didn’t think he’d be able to pay his rent and he was afraid he’d get kicked out by his landlord, who was a woman in her fifties. He said he was a young, good looking and in shape guy, he was just not having luck with the job market and lived far from his parents. One night when he was already two months behind on rent the landlady came knocking and he thought he was getting an eviction notice.

That was not the case. She really surprised him when she said he could stay put, as long as he started coming by her unit every night for a few hours. He was really shocked, but kind of out of choices, so he gave in and serviced her nightly for nearly six months until he got back on his feet again. He said he didn’t mind much, she was nice and attractive to a degree and she cooked, and had him for dinner most nights, so it cut down on his food expenses as well. Then they’d go into the bedroom. She loved being eaten out and he got quite good at pleasing her orally.

He was able to get an erection any time she wanted him to and they fucked every night pretty much, the old gal was insatiable. I’m sure having a twenty three year old fit lover would certainly help one’s libido as well. She also loved to suck his cock and he enjoyed her doing it and he’s had a thing for older women ever since his odd relationship with this one. Her pussy was always craving his young cock. I love younger men as well, not sure I’d have the nerve to demand such an arrangement though.

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