A Roll in the Hay

I live on a farm and have a few farm hands that help me. I can’t do everything myself. One of them is very handsome and strong and he knew I liked him from the moment I hired him. He’d seen me staring at him many times. Last week I was in the barn looking at some of my dear animals and he came in before leaving for the day. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear he knew I wanted his cock. I felt a shiver go through me as he said it.

I then felt his hands go to my breasts and knead them from behind, making my nipples hard instantly. He rubbed them with his thumbs and I felt myself growing wet at his attentions. I could feel his hard cock pressing into me from behind. I knew I had to have him then. I turned around and kissed him passionately and he started to take my clothes off, then his own. We got down on a blanket in the hay and I started to ride him. His cock spread open my cunt lips as I bounced up and down on him. It felt so good to finally have him inside of me.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and helped ease me up and down on his hard shaft. I started to grind my clit right against his hard cock, feeling a thrill with every motion of my hips. He semi sat up and started to suck on my nipples as we fucked. He started to buck up underneath me and I knew I was about to explode in orgasm. A few movements more and I was over that edge of bliss, with him soon following. We came right there in the hay, the animals looking on, uninterested at this passionate exchange. Next time I will be sure to invite him to my bed.

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