Bury That Face Between My Thighs

My boyfriend is an excellent pussy licker, I just adore him going down on me. It’s the absolute best type of orgasm for me, so I encourage him to do it as much as possible. Last night he really was a good boy and gave me three orgasms with his knowledgeable tongue. He said he really wanted to satisfy me and he knew that the best way was via his mouth, and he was right. Of course I sucked his cock for him as well when I was finished cumming as much as I wanted to. The way he licks at my clit, wiggling it back and forth, making me buck my hips back and forth, drives me wild.

Hard to believe some guys won’t even lick pussy, yet they expect their dicks to be sucked. I am so glad some love it more than anything, more than fucking even. Some men truly get their pleasure by giving their lady pleasure. A giver, that is a good thing for a man to be in the bedroom. Some talk on the phone about how they love the smell, the taste, the feel of a slippery wet pussy right in their face, how much it turns them on and makes their dick harder than anything.

Do you like to worship a woman’s pussy more than just about any other type of sexual act? I’d love to hear how you go about it, but one thing guys, so NOT make any pussy licking sounds on the phone. You have no idea how much phone sex girls despise it when callers do that. We mock them and make fun of them in the phone sex operator forums. It makes our stomach turn and our skin crawl, so if you think it’s being sexy, think again and just don’t do it.

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