Riding My Guy

Like many women, I find the woman on top position the best to cum from. I can control the depth, the pace, and I like it that way. My boyfriend is also happy to lie back and let me do all the work. The one on top does all the work after all, so it’s mostly on me to get myself off like this. He can also play with my breasts and suck on them and squeeze my ass cheeks while I grind on him. My clit gets very stiff and to be able to rub it up and down his throbbing, hard shaft as I grind on him really gets me off.

I usually place a cock ring on him before we begin to make sure he can stay hard as long as I need him to. I am quite flexible, so I can rotate my hips and do, for maximum pleasure as he bucks up underneath me. I love to feel him deep inside of me, all the way up to the balls. When I cum, I trigger his orgasm, and he feels my smooth, shaved cunt milking him into me. Those contractions of pleasure make him squirt like nothing else. I need at least two orgasms, so I like to wait and calm down while he’s still inside of me for him to get hard again.

He’s still pretty young, in his twenties, so it doesn’t take long for him to rise to the occasion again and get hard. I then slowly start to rise and fall on his hard dick once more and soon I am at a fever pitch rubbing my wet, horny pussy all over his cock and making myself cum again. It doesn’t take me nearly as long the second time, since the level of arousal is still fairly high, so it’s usually a fast and furious one. He’s not complaining, and neither am I.

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