Raunchy Rock Climbing

My boyfriend is a no limits kinda guy. He’s suggested we have sex in the most outrageous places. I’m always terrified we will get caught and have charges of public indecency brought against us. I cannot deny it’s fun though. His last suggestion was beyond over the top. I was afraid we could possibly die, but he assured me it was safe. He’s been into rock climbing for many years. He taught me the basics. It’s not really my thing and it makes me kind of afraid of the heights and all. He said he wanted us to fuck while we were rock climbing and hanging by our ropes over the side of a mountain face. I told him he was insane.

It was a three hundred foot plunge if we fell. He assured me he used ropes three times stronger than what we needed for our weight. I agreed to do this, though I was terrified. I did not think I’d be able to cum under such terrifying situations, but incredibly the fear heightened the sensations, which is why he’s a risk taker in the first place. I will never do it again, but it was a memory I will never forget. We were alone, so no one around to see and we started to go down the side of the mountain and he got out his dick and helped moved my shorts around to give him access to my pussy and we began the weirdest fuck of my life.

The fear can act as an aphrodisiac I found and I soon was concentrating on the physical sensations rather than the fact that it was a three hundred foot drop beneath us if anything went wrong. It was a quickie for sure, but we both did cum. I then scrambled down the mountain and reflected on this odd sexual experience. Lord knows what he will suggest next.

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