The Erotic Book Club

When I was in college, like many people I experimented a lot. One year some girlfriends and I started a book club. That’s not too odd in and of itself, but things got naughty. All of us were into romance novels and erotic fiction, and some of the books were pretty hot. We would all read the books aloud and sometimes we’d get so turned on, some would begin to masturbate, right there during the book club session. So it turned into a masturbation party with us trying to out do one another and get the most raunchy books we could find and read the dirty parts and we’d all be sitting around stroking our pussies as they were read.

It all started out innocently enough, but give us enough wine and some pot and things just went in the gutter, and we all loved it. I’d never masturbated in the presence of anyone before, and after a few months, it seemed second nature to be masturbating in this small group of women as we read one another erotic fiction out loud to one another. It was really hot, and we didn’t hare it with anyone. Not our boyfriends, no one. It was our private little thing and it went on twice a month for a year.

I wouldn’t have believed it could have been so arousing to be in a room with several other masturbating females, non of us were lesbians, and no one touched one another, it just evolved and took off and we all thought it greatly enhanced our friendships and our masturbation. I have such fond memories of stroking my pussy while the others looked on and I watched them as well. People get involved in odd things at different times of their life, and this was just one of those things. Our literary masturbation party as it were.

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