Crotch to Crotch

The other night the phone rang and as I usually do between calls, I was watching something online. I was watching a late seventies early eighties t.v. show called Hart to Hart, a light hearted crime, suspense show. Very entertaining and fun to watch. So the caller asked me what I was doing and I replied watching something online, of course he’d hoped I’d reply porn of some kind. I told him what I was watching and he said he was watching porn. Of course I suspected he would be.

I said his show could be called Crotch to Crotch, lol. For all I know that title might have been an old porn parody, I have no idea as I don’t watch porn, but many movies and t.v. shows have names that are a parody of the actual name of the show. He was stroking away, telling me about the porn he was watching, cuckold porn. So many guys with smaller dicks love to watch the cuckold porn, or small penis humiliation porn. It’s the only thing that gets them off. Another caller with a less than four inch penis said small penis porn is the only kind he watches, he wants to be made fun of only. He doesn’t even watch ladies masturbating.

The idea of a big dicked guy getting the woman and fucking them and being able to make them cum arouses them greatly. One caller that’s an adult virgin with a small penis, I asked him if he ever went out on a date with an aggressive woman that grabbed him by the crotch, what would he do? He said he’d be very nervous. I laughed at him and said he’d probably cry or cum in her hand immediately. He said probably both, I was laughing so hard at his idiocy.

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