Jerk Buddies

A caller was telling me about a same sex experience in his youth he thinks about to this day. When he was on an overnight class trip he had to share a room with another male student and he said they ended up jerking off together. It was just a one time thing with the guy, they didn’t touch one another, just sat on the beds opposite one another and jerked their dicks and watched each other. He said it was the first time he’d done something like that and even though it was decades ago he thought about it to this day.

It’s funny how a long time ago experience can stay with you the rest of your life like that and you think about it when you masturbate. Guys seem to be more open to masturbating with one another than girls are. Girls are just more secretive by nature, but guys, well, the cock is right out there and they know most other guys also jerk it, so why not jerk it together for a little enhanced visual stimulation. Some callers over the years have admitted to watching porn with a buddy or two and all of them stroking and watching together.

I can imagine that would be exciting for a young man, for some it would be their first sexual experience with another person, that mutual masturbation, even if they do not touch one another. You get to see how someone else strokes themselves, their technique, it can add to the experience by watching and listening to another person, it’s pretty innocent stuff, yet also kind of arousing. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences in your life you’d love to share with one of our naughty phone sex ladies. We’d love to hear about it! Do you still have some jerk off buddies? Some grown men still do, their wives have no idea.

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