Sex Dolls for You

So many lonely men out there with no women, and with the recent lockdowns still ongoing in some areas, not really easy for many to find a sex partner these days. The one thing that is a sure thing and is growing in popularity are sex dolls. These silicone ladies just won’t quit, never get a headache, and have an open and waiting hole for you any time you’re in the mood to get naughty. Cheaper than a few dates with a live one when there’s no guarantee you will even get lucky as well, so what have you to lose?

Some callers that use sex dolls have even sent in pictures of themselves with their doll. I’ll never forget the caller that emailed me the pic of him and his blow up sex doll, “Susan”, it was a sight I won’t soon forget! He had a better relationship with her than he’s had with the few girlfriend’s he’s ever had, and there haven’t been many. Why would a man choose a large, life sized sex doll over say a male sex toy like a Fleshlight or a pocket pussy? Well, it’s more realistic for one, dim the lights just so, have a few drinks and your eyes can play a few tricks on you and it might be not that far from what a real woman would look like, especially the new, ultra fancy and expensive silicone ones that are literally thousands of dollars. Now that’s commitment!

Not sure where you’d easily hide such a device if you managed to get a real live lady to your home, most women would head for the hills if they opened your closet and saw one of these beauties hanging there on a hook on the pole! So you need to be creative. Many men in the mgtow movement, that’s short for Men Going Their Own Way, as in giving up on women and relationships, are a prime target audience for this sort of luxury sex doll. Yes, a few grand for a toy is not cheap, but think what you’d spend on a real woman in a couple months time of dates, gifts and all? The doll is looking more and more like the better deal.

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