Watching Him Jerk Off

My guy is quite proud of his dick size and loves to have me watch him jerk off up close. I don’t mind watching him, and I usually end up sucking on it for him, getting him extra hard for my pussy. I like knowing I arouse him so much I get him that hard. Sometimes when he’s jerking off like that up close I will stick my tongue out and he will tap his cock on it. I love the taste of his precum, so sweet, just like liquid candy. Guys assume everyone loves to be watched masturbating but he’s quite the show off.

He likes watching me masturbate up close as well. Sometimes he will lay between my legs just watching me stroke my clit up and down and in little circles. He loves to hear that wet, squishy sound as I finger myself and sometimes he will lick my fingers before placing them back on my dripping pussy for me to continue pleasuring myself. I like when we play together and watch one another. He convinced me to get a mirror installed on the bedroom ceiling he’s so visual that way. I was a bit unsure, but he really wanted it and its actually been fun to have.

Most men love to watch not only themselves, but their partners. Never underestimate how much men love to watch. So if you’re shy, that will be a hindrance for their visual pleasures. I’m sure he’s been into showing off for other former lovers he’s had, but he’s never said as much and that’s fine, I don’t need all the gory details of what he’s done with others. It would likely just make me jealous, so as long as we have fun, I don’t need to think about who else has watched him.

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