Female Masturbation For Your Pleasure

You likely enjoy watching ladies masturbate in porn clips online, don’t you? In person is even better, but if your wife or girlfriend will not do that in front of you, for many the next best thing is a phone call. Many callers will watch female masturbation porn when they call to talk and have phone sex. Does the idea of fingers slowly moving up and down some slippery wet pussy lips drive you over the edge? Make your cock throb? Watching her teasing that stiff little clit by rubbing it in little tiny circles as you stare wide eyed at the wet treasure before you.

Some callers like the idea of ladies masturbating with toys even more than fingers. The idea of a long, hard dildo gliding in and out of her wet hole makes your cock twitch when you think about it. Isn’t watching a wet cunt get stroked by it’s owner one of the hottest things going? You want to lick it, taste it, run your fingers over it. That sopping wet puss makes your eyes as big as saucers. So many guys say their women won’t masturbate in front of them, which as a woman I can understand. Women are self conscious of their bodies and they might not want to be observed so closely and intimately, so guys want it even more since it’s hard to get.

Well even if watching porn of women masturbating and having phone sex is all you’ll get, it’s more than some married guys get! So crank up the porn, pick up that phone and let the sexy ladies talk to you an excellent orgasm. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Would you like to possibly share with us any experiences you have watching ladies masturbate? I’m sure we’d find them quite interesting.

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