Touch Me, Daddy?

Daddy and I always had a “special relationship.” My mom died when I was young, so it was just me a dad, and I told him everything. We were like best friends, and when I got to my teens, I felt certain urges. He caught me masturbating and told me not to feel ashamed, it was natural, and if I wanted, he could teach me things. Thus began my over a decade long sexual relationship with my father. He was a most tender and patient lover for me. He was so kind and sweet and loving. I didn’t think any man could ever live up to my dad.

He would watch me masturbate and I would watch him and then he would have me touch him and I loved it. It wasn’t long before I wanted to try sucking his cock and he licking my pussy in return. When daddy took my virginity, I didn’t think I could love him any more than I already did, but it just increased so much after that coming together. I started sleeping in his bed from that night forward, and we had so many loving, special times with one another. He never seemed interested in other women, since he had me.

How many countless nights we made love with one another, knowing one another’s bodies as well as our own. It was sheer ecstasy to be in his loving arms. He was never to be surpassed. I never told any boyfriend or my husband about our “special relationship”, I just knew they’d never understand, so it was our own special secret. Dad and I haven’t made love in years, but we have such fond memories of my youth. Not all daddies are cut out for such a close relationship with their daughter, but I’m glad we were so lucky as to have had one another.

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