Don’t Eat The Pies at Her House

So many callers seem obsessed with asses. It’s a wonder proctology specialty doctors are not more numerous, since so many are totally obsessed. Guys have called using toys of course, but when you get ones claiming they are using carrots, apples, candles, there’s no end to the possibilities of just what to stick up there. Some callers seem to think women are sticking their fists everywhere from their ass to their pussy as well. Not sure what kind of circus freaks they think we phone sex gals are and the positions we can get into, but they ask, believe me.

Some like using food and will even eat it afterwards, some kind of sick delight in using the piece of fruit or vegetable as a sex toy then eating it. One man called and said he’d used food as a sex toy, but he wasn’t the one who’d eaten it, he’d served it up to neighbors at a block barbecue! I really hope that was a fantasy and not reality, for their sake. It’s incredible what lengths a horny man will go to in satisfying he debased desires. Not even a melon or a grapefruit are safe from his perverted clutches.

Have you used anything other than a toy up your ass? Do you enjoy shocking we phone sex girls by telling us all about your many perverted experiences? We’ve likely heard it all before, but we are certainly more than willing and able to listen to you as you explain just what it is you have done to yourself. Porn has given so many men ideas that they otherwise would not have had. Seeing something on the screen will put ideas in your mind, mmmhh, that looks interesting, maybe I could try that and see how it feels. He seems to be having a good time using it. Realize if something gets stuck, it may lead to an embarrassing ER room visit, be prepared.

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