Having Your Baby

Some callers like to talk about the impregnation fetish. It can be a very intimate, lovey dovey type of call. Not all girls enjoy it, but I certainly do. The idea of risky, unprotected sex that can result in a baby is very hot for many men and some women. Do you like the idea of slipping your hard cock into an ovulating woman that you just know stands a high chance of getting pregnant? Does that arouse you, to possibly even, as some callers do, get aroused by the particularly thick, sticky, stringy discharge that shows you how fertile she really is coating your cock?

That might be a bit too graphic for some callers into impregnation fetish, but some love everything to do with the woman being fertile and horny and a gooey, slippery pussy is just one of those little things that goes along with being fertile. All of that life giving sperm squirting into me to pool within my life giving loins. The passion, the love, the swimming sperm to that waiting egg. For them to be joined as one and you and I make a new life together. Doesn’t that sound hot? Are you getting turned on at such descriptions?

Impregnation fetish phone sex for some men is as close as they will ever get. They either have wives who have had all their children and will not be having any more, or girlfriends on the pill who have no intention of getting pregnant, so this fantasy is their last indulgence. Some that are already fathers will speak lovingly of the time when their wives were pregnant and they had a higher sex drive, due to all the surging hormones, and what great sex they had. It brings fond memories for many. So if you’d like to talk about knocking up some lady, there’s women here to help you.

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