Let’s Have a Threesome

A threesome is usually one of men’s top sexual fantasies. I knew my boyfriend had always hinted around at having one, but I’d never found the right other woman to ask I wouldn’t be threatened by. Then one of my old college friends came to town for the weekend and I knew she’d be the perfect one to ask. I wasn’t threatened by her, and she was sexy, so I knew my boyfriend would go for her. I asked her and she was totally up for it. We’d actually had one many years before when I was a bit more adventuresome than I am now. She came over and he liked her immediately, as I thought he would.

We went to the bedroom and she began by giving him a blow job. I’d told her what a nice cock he had and she was curious to see for herself. I soon joined her and sucked on his balls while she sucked him. We ended up passing the cock back and forth between us sharing it. Then I took his dick and laid it between her ample tits and she gave him a titty fuck. I then got on the bed on all fours and he started fucking me from behind while she crawled underneath me and began to lick my pussy. She licked my clit until I just went wild.

My boyfriend then got on his back and she rode him while I sat on his face and he licked my cunt free of every drop of the cum he’d just placed there. He can always get hard again a few minutes after, so I never need to wait long for him. She bucked back and forth on his dick until she creamed on his cock and I gushed on his face. It was a fun night and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to indulge him, it was fun for all of us.

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