Evening of Hot Sex

Last night was my boyfriend’s birthday and we had incredible sex. We’d held off for the last two weeks to be really hungry for one another and when we finally gave in, it was explosive and well worth the wait. We know how to get a passionate response out of one another better than any other lovers we’ve ever had, we’ve discussed it. He licks my pussy to perfection, and he said my blow jobs make him melt. We love pleasing one another. I’d made us a wonderful dinner of all of his favorite foods, and we then headed to the bedroom to ignite one another’s fires.

We always like to start with caressing one another, touching, teasing, then that evolves to licking and sucking, and several orgasms. I love to lick the dripping tip of his cock until he’s literally twitching with pleasure and on the verge of orgasm, then plunging it in and out of my mouth, deep throating him and then giving his balls a squeeze or two before he squirts his load right down my thirsty throat. He teases my clit with his tongue and spreads open my cunt lips to expose it fully. All the while I’m just writhing in ecstasy. Then the fucking begins.

I love to get in a few different positions when we go at it, both for comfort and variety. Feeling the difference in the depth of his penetration with each position is always fun, I am pretty flexible, so it’s nice to move around and get more comfortable when you get a bit stiff when in one position for too long. Feeling his cum shoot inside me makes me so happy. I love to sleep with it pooling in my pussy. Waking up all creamy from it all night in me. Oh we have such wonderful sex with one another, I hope it goes on like this forever.

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