Forced Bi For You

One thing a lot of callers are into is forced bi. They want to suck the cock of another man, yet not be responsible for doing so, hence the “forced” by someone else, usually their girlfriend or wife. It might start out as a cuckold scenario, but it quickly evolves into the forced bi scene. Ones into trannies say the same thing, they aren’t attracted to men in any way, yet they want to suck a dick. Such lunacy from men in denial of their true desires and wants. Silly men. They want a throbbing, aching dick in their mouth, and if it’s a woman making them do it “against their will”, so much the better, since then they can deny really wanting it.

One caller last week said he’d started out in a cuckold situation with his girlfriend, but what she really wanted was for him to suck dick in front of her, totally submitting to it. He wasn’t very keen on the idea, but she talked him into it. She practically had to force his jaws open at the corners, but he finally allowed her to get that cock in. A guy she works with said he’d be happy to take part in our little cuckold games.

By the end of the first night, he was getting into it and after that, he asked when the guy was coming over the next time. He’d developed a taste for cock and cum. He confessed to me he’d even been watching forced bi porn and cocksucking it turned him on so much, knowing he’d been forced to suck it. His cock was as hard as a steel rod as we talked about the way his girlfriend made him suck it. He promised to keep me updated on his cocksucking adventures. I am sure there will be many.

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