The Sexy Workman

I work from home and don’t socialize much, so when someone comes to my home for any reason, in a way they are like a captive audience for me. When workmen come over to do a job, I tend to ask for the last appointment of the day for just this reason. They can do the job and then when they are finished, I know they are not going to another job. My little trick doesn’t always net me anything of course, but there’s a few times it has. I am in good shape and attractive and when I have an appointment lined up I try and wear something sexy.

It doesn’t take a lot to get a man interested in you, and many times, especially if they are younger and less experienced, they will be too horny to say no to you. Recently I had a man over to fix the furnace, it was so hot and the thermostat would not turn it down. He asked if he could take his shirt off as he worked it was so warm. I made some iced tea and brought him some to have while he worked. Little did he know I spiked it to make him a bit more agreeable, I know, I’m so bad!

He seemed to have fixed the problem and I asked if he’d like to stay a while and have some more iced tea. He agreed and said he thought the heat was getting to him, as he felt a bit lightheaded. If only he knew… So we had more iced tea and chatted and soon my hand was on his thigh, reaching for his dick. I then got on the floor in front of him and started to suck him off. He had a lovely cock and I loved sucking it. He certainly did not object. I asked him if he’d fuck me, but he said he really had to get home, but I did get to suck his dick and he thanked me, he seemed to have a good time. Hopefully I will have another tradesman coming over soon.

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